Surgery Center/Hospital Information

Patients and caregivers alike are pleased by the convenience of treatment at a surgical center or hospital because it is often possible for patients to receive all the dental care they need in a single visit while under general anesthetic, after treatment needs have been determined during an initial exam. For those patients who require deep sedation or general anesthesia, we work with anesthesiologists in surgery centers and hospitals who perform these services. These patients can be seen at Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Center, Methodist Children’s Hospital, or Methodist Hospital. Selecting the best environment for dental care is an important part of the treatment process.

Our staff is dedicated to identifying the best place for each patient's care. Options other than the traditional dental office include:

The ambulatory care or surgical center - the ideal setting for patients who have stable medical conditions and require general anesthesia but do not need the full complement of services offered in a hospital.

A traditional hospital environment - the most appropriate setting for those with unstable medical conditions. For example, patients with severe kidney, heart, liver or lung disease would be better served in a hospital setting.

Surgical Center/Hospital Preparation

We believe communication is essential for making your dental experience the best it can be. When it is determined that a surgical center or hospital setting is the best place for treatment, our office staff will coordinate your appointment with the surgical center or hospital and the anesthesiologist for your convenience. We will give you detailed information about how to prepare for your visit so that you may have a worry-free experience.